Caroline Haslett Primary School

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Calendar 2018-19

Please see the table below with details of the events planned.Keep your eye on the newsletter and the Friends Facebook page for any additions or amendments.




Year Group






1st February

Bake Sale

Year 2

After school

12th February

Movies & Munchies

Year 2 to 6

After school until 5.30pm

1st March

Bake Sale

Year 3

After school

12th March

Mini Movies & Munchies*

FS and Year 1

After school until 5.30pm

18th & 19th March

Mother’s Day Secret Gifts

Whole school

During school hours

21st March

Spring Disco

Year 1 to 6

After school (times TBC closer to date)

29th March

Easter Bingo

Whole school


5th April

Bake Sale

Year 4

After school

3rd May

Bake Sale

Year 5

After school

23rd May

Summer Disco

Whole school

After school (times TBC closer to date)

7th June to 12th July

Ice Lolly Friday

Excluding last day of term

After school



*The Mini Movies & Munchies is a new event that extends its suitability to Foundation. It will be a film with U rating and a popular choice more suitable for younger children. The lights will not be switched off entirely and will allow for an extra break if required. More details and the films for both M&M's to be announced next week. 

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