Caroline Haslett Primary School

Nil satis nisi optimum. Nothing but the best is good enough

Computing Curriculum

The Digital Leaders visited the Apple store this term.



Caroline Haslett School Computing Overview




Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Autumn 1

We have confidence,

We can take turns,

We are successful,

We have feelings,

1.1 We are treasure hunters

2.1 We are astronauts

3.1 We are programmers

4.1 We are software developers

5.6 We are architects

6.1 We are app planners

Autumn 2

We can drive, 

We are DJs,

We can exercise,

We are healthy

1.2 We are T.V Chefs

2.2 We are Games testers

3.2 We are bug fixers

4.2 We are toy designers

5.2 We are cryptographers

6.2 We are project managers

Spring 1

We can understand instructions,

We can understand messages,

We are talkers

1.3 We are painters

2.4 We are researchers

3.3 We are presenters

4.6 We are meteorologists

5.3 We are artists

6.3 We are market researchers

Spring 2

We are digital readers,

We can email,

We can blog,

 We can count

1.4 We are collectors

2.3 We are photographers

3.4 We are network engineers

4.4 We are HTML editors

5.4 We are web developers

6.4 We are interface designers

Summer 1

We are designers,

We are shape makers,

We are community members

We can observe

1.5 We are storytellers

2.6 We are zoologists

3.5 We are communicators

4.5 We are co-authors

5.5 We are bloggers

6.5 We are app developers

Summer 2

We are games players

We are creative,

We can record soundtracks,

We are film producers

1.6 We are celebrating

2.5 We are detectives

3.6 We are opinion pollsters

4.3 We are musicians

5.1 We are game developers

6.6 We are marketers


06.12.17 - During Hour of Code week, Year 6 were visited by some of our knowledgeable parents who work in coding. A fabulous presentation by Mr. Carey and Mr. Rees inspired us. They helped us understand coding is easy to learn and made a coding job sound like fun!

Our Year 6 digital leaders organised and delivered lessons across the school with the help of our new recruits in Year 5. ‚Äč

Year 4 explore the digestive system using Virtual Reality. An interesting way to see how food travels through our body!