Caroline Haslett Primary School

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Free School Meals



All children in Foundation, Year 1 or 2 are entitled to a fee school meal. YOU WILL NEED TO COMPLETE A MENU ONLINE EVERY WEEK.

A new system has been launched to help you calculate if your child qualifies for free school meals.


The system is quick and simple to use and can be accessed via a smartphone or hand held device. If you qualify, you will receive a reference number that you simply bring in and show us at school to start receiving meals. You can register at


Please visit to sign up, even if your child is in year R, 1 or 2 and receiving universal free school meals, or if you have applied before and do not think you are eligible. This will enable us to find out whether we can claim the pupil premium grant for your child. This grant is additional funding for the school to spend on helping eligible children reach their full potential.