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We had a fantastic day for Children in Need last week and raised a brilliant £542.90. Thank you to everyone who kindly donated. Here are what some children had to say:

“I thought this morning was good because it was enjoyable and really fun to know other people. DT was the best time this morning because I got to make moving Pudsies” - Manha

“I thought it was good but we didn’t do any computing. But I enjoyed the DT” - Mason

“I thought this morning was excellent
because I had two happy children to look after and fun lessons to enjoy like DT, art and singing” - Lexi

“I enjoyed the morning because it had lots of fun and exciting activities and I learnt how to make a difference for children in need. I hope we raised a lot of money” - Maisy

“Today was all about children in need day and how it makes a difference to those who need help. I think we raised a lot of money because we handed in money for our clothes and to get cupcakes. It was really fun and there were lots of activities such as DT and singing. I hope we helped the children who are in need.” - Eva

Remembrance Day Parade

Hauksbee Class participated in a Remembrance Day Parade last week Friday. It was an honour for them to be a part of remembering such an important piece of our history.

Diwali Celebrations

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, Foundation and Year 1 had a lovely day last week celebrating Diwali and learning about what it means. There were some beautiful outfits as well as some delicious food, kindly provided by children’s family members. Thank you to all those who contributed and joined in to celebrate the day.


Caroline Haslett Assembly

On Tuesday we had a visit from John and David who are part of the Three Bridges Forum. The Forum is marking women’s suffrage centenary year by planning and seeking support for a permanent memorial to Caroline Haslett. They gave a wonderful assembly and told the children all about who Caroline Haslett was and all the things she invented. For further information on Caroline Haslett, have a look at:

Many thanks to everyone who kindly donated to the Food Bank. They collected the items on Wednesday and had enough to fill the van. This will make a huge difference to many families so thank you for your generosity.

Pottery Course

A group of children and their parents/grandparents signed up for a pottery course run by Community Learning MK .They have been making some amazing things and many have discovered a hidden talent. These are pictures of trolls, dragons and plaques that they have created. .


On Tuesday 10th April, Florence the Cow from Willen Hospice came to visit the children in assembly. There is a Mini-Moo Scooterthon at Willen Lake North on Sunday 20th May at 10.30am. There are lots of goodies and certificates and gives little ones the opportunity to raise money for this wonderful charity. Leaflets were sent home with the children but more information can be found at the following

On Tuesday 28th November  we had a visit from some of the residents of Putman House. They came along to watch the  Year 1 performance of “A Miracle in Town”. They enjoyed a cup of tea and mince pies and were full of praise for the children's performance. It was lovely to see them. 

On Sunday 19th  November, a group of our children entered the Junior Just Dance Waltz and Samba  competition.  They danced beautifully and were an absolute credit to Caroline Haslett. They put so much time and effort into their rehearsals which really paid off. 




On Friday 10th November, Mayer class participated in the Remembrance Day Parade, which was attended by the Milton Keynes Mayor, veterans and members of the community. It was a great experience for the children and we were very pleased to be involved in commemorating this occasion. 





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