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Digital Leaders

Our digital leaders are responsible children within our school who are trained to help us teach computing and use technology in lessons. These children make recommendations that truly matter and educate their peers as well as adults around them. Their role includes checking ICT resources, preparing resources for lessons, comparing different apps, websites and software that can be used for learning, suggest popular apps that can be used for learning, run assemblies on online safety, offer tech support in lessons, run clubs for younger children and present at staff meetings and INSET.


Our 2021/2022 Digital Leaders are:

Aadith (Hauksbee)
Anya (Hauksbee)
Belko (Parsons)
Charlotte (Hauksbee)
Chloe D (Hauksbee)
Eli (Hauksbee)
Emily (Hauksbee)
Grace (Parsons)
Hrithika (Winstanley)
Ibrahim (Hauksbee)
Lara (Hauksbee)
Libby (Mayer)
Nico (Parsons)
Reece (Winstanley)
Ridhima (Parsons)
Saanvi (Hauksbee)


The current team have not been able to carry out the usual digital leaders activities this year due to Covid restrictions. The information below from previous years illustrates the kind of projects they usually get involved in.

On Thursday 17th October, our digital leaders were among the first pupils to carry out a robotics workshop at Amazon's fulfillment centre in Dunstable. The workshop was part of the 'Amazon Future Engineer program.' It is devised with Fire Tech Camp and it is accredited by the British Science Association. The children enjoyed seeing how computer science works in the real world as well as the hands-on experience of using the Ozobot robots plus the robots around the centre. They were a credit to us!

Digital Leaders Assembly

Tuesday 5th February was Safer Internet Day. Our Digital Leaders ran an assembly on the importance of being safe and explained to the children how best to keep themselves safe when online. Thank you for  a very informative and interesting presentation.


Digital Leader Application

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