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Junior Park Rangers


The Parks Trust in Milton Keynes runs an exciting scheme called Junior Park Rangers!

The scheme, which is based on peer education, is designed to engage children in the natural world, their local parks and the wildlife they can find there. 

Our 2019 Junior Park Rangers are from Years 4, 5 and 6:

  • Farun
  • Louie
  • Joseph
  • Sabrina
  • Sophie
  • Lucy

They have a range of responsibilities:

  • To read a monthly bulletin in assembly themed around seasonal wildlife, a specific park or an important issue.
  • To create and maintain a noticeboard.
  • To run competitions and quizzes. These relate to the Junior Rangers’ monthly bulletin or other issues that are important in our local park.
  • To get involved in other projects and campaigns as they arise.


Our Junior Park Rangers also receive a quarterly newsletter called Ramblings. The magazine is a great way to showcase all the hard work Junior Rangers do and each edition also includes exciting articles about interesting parks to visit, wildlife to spot, and puzzles and games to try.

The Parks Trust also offers workshops run exclusively for Junior Park Rangers. These are a great way for them to try new and exciting things as well as meet Junior Park Rangers from other schools. Activities include things like bush craft skills, wildlife walks, and park patrols with the Community Rangers.


Click here to see the Park Rangers February Assembly Bulletin Part 1 / Part 2

On Wednesday 22nd May our Junior Park Rangers spent the morning at Howe Park Woods. Along with children from other local schools, they participated in a variety of activities organised by the Park’s Trust. They had a great day in the outdoors.


Junior Park Rangers Competition April 2019

We have the winner of the Junior Park Rangers Poster Competition. Well done to Maliha in Joules who took first place with her fantastic poster of what to feed and what not to feed ducks. Well done and we hope you enjoy your delicious prize (just don’t feed it to the ducks!

From Frog Spawn to Tadpoles

Our Junior Park Rangers took delivery of frog spawn on Monday 18th March. They put it in pond water and have been watching the spawn developing into tadpoles. Tadpoles eat boiled romaine lettuce so we have had plenty of that cooking this week. We will keep you updated on how they are doing.


Park Rangers Assembly

Thank you to our Junior Park Rangers who put on an assembly on Wednesday 6th March. Their theme was “what to look out for in local parks”. They did a very professional job.




We are now able to announce the winners of the Junior Park Rangers’ Photography Competition. The winners were announced in assembly on Monday 30th April.The photographs are excellent. Unfortunately the copies here don’t do them justice, but the quality of the photography is still evident.

The winners were as follows:

1st Place  :     Haniyyah (Year 6) 

2nd Place : Zenon (Year 1) 

3rd Place : Gemma (Year 6)



On Tuesday 6th March, our Junior Park Rangers went to the JPR Outdoor Learning and Sharing Conference at Campbell Park. They took part in a range of activities including an interactive woodland management session, a nature trail and a presentation about the work they do in school to promote our local parks and a love of nature. After a thoroughly enjoyable day meeting JPRs from other local schools, they came away with overall first prize. Well done to our Junior Park Rangers.



February 2018 - The Junior Park Rangers ran a competition to create a picture of an animal that you may find in parks and woods around Milton Keynes during the winter months.  We had some absolutely fantastic entries and the winners were as follows:

Kyla            :           KS1 Winner

Emily          :           KS2 Winner

Jasmine    :           KS1 Runner up

Tanvi          :           KS2 Runner up


Junior Park Ranger Bulletin

October 2017

Welcome to our first bulletin as Junior Park Rangers for The Parks Trust at Caroline Haslett Primary School.

Our names are Kayla, Farun, Joseph, Louie, Sabrina and Alaina.

Our job as Junior Park Rangers is to tell everyone in the school about our local parks, Shenley Wood and Howe Park Wood and the wildlife you can find there. We will also keep you updated about what is going on in all the parks in Milton Keynes.

We have three main jobs, which will help us to tell you about the local parks. Our first job is to read a bulletin like this in assembly each month. Our second job is to look after a noticeboard in the school. Look out for our noticeboard, which is in the concourse. On the noticeboard you will find information about autumn. Our third job is to run competitions and quizzes which we will announce in our bulletins and on the noticeboard.


Autumn is a wonderful season to go for a walk in our parks; the leaves are changing colour and the horse chestnut trees are full of conkers to collect. If you are lucky, you will hear the loud ‘Twit – Twoo’ call of 2 Tawny Owls, as they challenge for territory in our woods, parks and gardens. The weather is changeable but you will find the wildlife is quite active now, collecting and eating food in readiness for the harsh winter months.

Hedgehogs, particularly young hedgehogs only born this year, are making sure they have enough fat on their bodies to survive their hibernation, which can start as early as November and end in March. We would like your help in recording any sighting of hedgehogs, either at school or in your own gardens.

If you can tell us, we can let the MKHogwatch team at the Parks Trust know. If you want to assist hedgehogs, you can leave a saucer of water, never milk, in your garden along with mealworms or cat/dog food. Please let us know if your ‘treats’ are eaten!

Also, if you have a pond in your garden, make sure there are large stones, wood or wire at the edge so hedgehogs can climb out – they do like to go for a swim!

As well as Hedgehogs, we would like to record all the wildlife you have seen in your gardens and local parks. Look out for squirrels, muntjac deer, birds, bats and foxes, all quite common around Milton Keynes.

If you would like to try something new this month, join the Parks Trust at Linford Lakes Nature Reserve on Sunday 22nd October for their ‘Make A Difference Day’. The Nature Reserve is a haven for wildlife and is not usually open to the public.

Thank you for reading our bulletin and we hope you get out and enjoy the Autumn season.