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Junior Road Safety Officers

Our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) have a very important job in the school.

It is their responsibility to help pass on important road safety messages to other children in the school in a fun way. They also regularly patrol the car park and streets near to the school offering advice to parents on how to keep the children at school safe.
Some of the ways they get the messages across are; standing up in an assembly, having an exciting notice board and running competitions.
They recently conducted a walk around the local area and produced a travel map to help increase the number of children who walk to school and reduce the number of cars in the area.

On Wednesday 23rd May Our Junior Road Safety Officers were out in the car park. They were joined by Nigel Spencer, Senior Road Safety Officer and two PCSOs.As you can tell from the photographs, the car park gets severely congested at pick up and drop off time.  The PCSOs will be returning again shortly but in the meantime, please ensure that if you drive to school, you park sensibly and considerately. We have many children that walk, as well as parents with little ones in pushchairs, and it is extremely dangerous when cars are blocking or parking on the pavements.


Friday 18th May, we are pleased to announce that we have recruited 4 new Junior Road Safety Officers: Phoebe, Anish, Molly and Ria. They will be out one day next week to ensure that people are parking sensibly and considerately.