Caroline Haslett Primary School

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School Council 2017-2018

 Welcome to the School Council!

The School Council is an amazing opportunity for pupils at Caroline Haslett to share their views and to help make our school even greater!

School Council members will know what is important to the people in their class and will come to School Council meetings to share these ideas.

The School Council makes a real difference! Last year the School Council worked hard to raise pupil awareness of SEN provision in our school. We conducted a questionnaire and consulted with our SENCO which then formed part of a report presented to our governors. 

They also assisted with the schools 25th birthday celebrations. Participating in assemblies, the opening of our time capsule and our fundraising coin collection now displayed in the school hall. 


Members of our new School Council were appointed in September. Councillors are very excited about their role and look forward to working in partnership with us to further improve our school.


Meetings are held fortnightly in Murrey class on Wednesday at 2.40.

This year, we are going to be working on a range of exciting projects. 

In November we will be implementing UK Parliament Week and welcoming our local MP into school. Throughout the year we plan to establish various links within the local community as well as raising our profile in school through a termly newsletter update and our ideas board.


On Friday 17th November, Iain Stewart visited our school to celebrate/ raise awareness of UK Parliament week. During his time he led a whole school assembly, outlining his role and responding to questions from pupils. Iain also spent some time with our school student council responding to their questions relating to current affairs.