Caroline Haslett Primary School

Nil satis nisi optimum. Nothing but the best is good enough

We are outstanding

Year 2

Children in Volta Class have been planting tiny, brown cress seeds. They are investigating the best conditions for plants to germinate. In groups they planted seeds into pots

Pots 1 & 2: the seeds have been given water and sunlight.

Pots 3 & 4: the seeds have been given water but no sunlight.

Pots 5 & 6: the seeds have been given sunlight but no water.

Pots 7 & 8: the seeds have been given no water and no sunlight.

The class will observe what happens to the plants and check to see if their predictions are correct.

A few days later the update was in. While they were away from school for the  weekend the cress plants shot up.

In DT, Year 2 have been making simple frames. We carefully measured the square wooden dowel and used a saw to cut the wood. We then used a lynx jointer to attach the pieces of wood to create our frames. Finally, our frames were joined to our moving pictures which included one of the following mechanisms: a slider, a pivot or a wheel mechanism. 

 In Art we created paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock. The children dripped the paint onto their paper to create their masterpieces!