Caroline Haslett Primary School

Nil satis nisi optimum. Nothing but the best is good enough

We are outstanding

Year 4


This week Murrey Class became soldiers in the Roman army. They practised marching in lines and learnt the Testudo (tortoise) formation. Once
training was complete, they found themselves on the battlefield fighting against a tribe of Celts. The training paid off and the Romans won the battle. Although everyone had fun role playing, they were relieved to find that they only had to stay in the army for an hour and not 25 years!

This term in Design & Technology, Year 4 have been investigating the Warburtons family and how they were pioneers in the bread industry. We have been tasting and trialing different types of bread, discovering what flavours and extra ingredients are popular with the boys and girls. This is all in preparation for designing and baking our very own bread rolls with an extra, secret ingredient! 

 This term's Science topic for year 4 is 'Electricity'. This week we investigated a range of materials to see if they are conductors of electricity. We were most surprised to find out that our pencils could help to light the bulb if we connected our crocodile clips to the lead.

 In our year 4 art lessons, this half term, we have been studying the representation of human bodies.  We have been inspired by many famous artists and most recently, we have created clay maquettes (smaller practise sculptures) in the style of Alberto Giacometti. Giacometti was a Swiss sculptor who was interested in the shadows formed by bodies rather than the bodies themselves.  As a result, his sculptures were tall and thin and glazed with bronze.

Firstly, we created a wire frame in a basic human shape. Then we created clay sausages and wound them around the frame until it was covered. We were very pleased with the results and enjoyed using clay.

In our final week of art, for the half term, year 4 learnt about the iconic Punk fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood.

The children identified trends in Punk fashion and how instrumental Vivienne was in moving Punk from the fringe to the mainstream. The children worked in trios to design and make punk inspired fashion items out of newspaper and masking tape! Using pleats, fans, twists and rips the groups designed jackets,dresses, kilts and tops- all with essential Punk accessories. 

The children were extremely creative and worked collaboratively, to create their finished items. They shared their creations and then evaluated them.