Caroline Haslett Primary School

Nil satis nisi optimum. Nothing but the best is good enough

We are outstanding

Upcoming Events

This year is looking very different for the Friends.

 We would usually be busy organising:

  • Discos
  • Movies and Munchies
  • Secret Gifts
  • Christmas Bazaar.

As these all involve the Friends Committee interacting with the children, we are unable to run these due to Covid restrictions.

We need to think outside the box and welcome any new ideas from parents and children.

 The following events are confirmed:

December – Secret Gifts – Adapted to suit covid restrictions.

Virtual Winter Disco via Zoom - Friday 11th December

Looking forward to the New Year 2021

Look out for upcoming events that are in the planning…

  • Launch of ‘Become a Fundraising Friend’
  • Scavenger Hunt - Valentines hearts “Where is the love?”
  • Online Easter Bingo

Ongoing fundraising or ways you can support the school

Amazon Smile

Amazon Year Group Wishlists

Unfortunately due to the current situation with the pandemic, we have been unable to raise as much money to contribute to school resources.  As we cannot accept Christmas gifts in school this year , wishlists have been created for the purchase of gifts for those who wanted to purchase items for their child’s class. If you would like to purchase anything to help keep class resources topped up, the links have been included below.   Foundation Stage   Year 1  Year 2   Year 3   Year 4  Year 5     Year 6

 The Clothes Charity Bin

 The School has an ongoing clothes bin for donations of textiles that you no longer want.

 These get collected by The Salvation Army and the school receives 45p per kilo, which goes towards the school funds. 

 You can drop any bagged items down by the front door and these will get moved to the recycling station.  We accept clothes, bags, shoes, belts, bedding and towels.