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BBC schools for topic videos etc Apparently iPlayer are also going to be setting up a channel for each year group

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Foundation stage

EYFS Practical Ideas 

EYFS Home Learning


Year 1 Please click here for learning links and resources for Year One children

Practical Ideas

Home Learning 

Year 2 Please click here for learning links and resources for Year 2 - 25th March

Year 3 Home Learning PackPractical Ideas, Fiction Reading Revision  Multiplication and Division Booklet, Home Learning DocumentNon Fiction Reading Revision ,


Year 4 Please click here for a home learning pack, Reading information ,        

Ordering amounts of money,    Introducing decimals in money,    Hundredths and ordering decimals,  Marking decimal hundredths on a number line, Simple Fraction and decimal equivalents,   Dividing numbers,  Recognise and Write decimalSolving simple money problems

Year 5 

3rd Space Learning accessing resources at home


Top Marks


BBC Supermovers



Instead of the reading room,  some school banded ebooks can be read on the Oxford Owl site. Select dark blue or dark red level:


Also use this opportunity to read a wide range of books and genres. Try an author that you haven’t tried before. Look at this list of 50 recommended reads for Y5 pupils


Spelling, punctuation and grammar practice




Premier League Maths Skills

Continue with TTRockstars


Daily 10 Level 5




Our topic next term will be Ancient Greece. Research to find out some interesting facts. Try some of the following websites:



Other subjects

Year 6


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