Caroline Haslett Primary School

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A while ago, a cartoonist and his psychologist friend joined forces to launch the project Bottle Moments.  They used personalised cartoons to bring some much-needed joy — and to say ‘thank you’ — to frontline key workers. 

The idea for Bottle Moments is a simple one: they asked frontline key workers to contact them on social media and tell them about something that is getting them through this difficult time: a happy memory, an aspiration, or perhaps simply a special friend or relative they can’t wait to see again when this is all over.  To put it simply: A moment they wish they could bottle and keep forever — something they think about to help them get through the tough times.

We asked the children to create their own Bottled Moment; something they are really looking forward to once lockdown is over. They produced some fantastic work and we have included some examples below.