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Music Curriculum


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Flute Quartet

Thank you to Erin, Clarabel, Eila and Eva, our fantastic quartet of flute players. They treated everyone to a rendition of “ Come and sing together   “ in assembly. You played beautifully girls, well done.


During Spring Term the Yr1 children enjoyed taking part in an African drum lesson.

- They learnt an African song called 'Fungi Alafia' by call and response. They discussed the meaning of this song.
- The children talked about the origins of African drumming and the Djembe and discussed how they are made and the traditional materials used.
- They learnt how to hold the Djembe and two drum strokes called 'dun' and 'ta'. They then practised the drum strokes in time with the pulse and then put this together with the song.

Yr4 Children enjoying the first session of thier Arts project

More from Yr4's weekly Bollywood Brass Lesson.

Y4 enjoying Bollywood Brass lessons.