Caroline Haslett Primary School

Nil satis nisi optimum. Nothing but the best is good enough

We are outstanding




On Thursday 12th July Yr 6 took control of the school - Year 6 takeover day is when all children in year six (who have volunteered) get to become a member of staff for a time period of 30 minutes. There are multiple roles and jobs:  Receptionist (this consists of opening the doors and answering phones), teachers ( they must teach the classes from foundation to year 5), Headteacher (which consists of dealing with problems, running assemblies). (Eric)

 Today I got to edit pictures of Miss Cartlidge for her 30th birthday and they are going to be put up around the school. Some of the pictures were a bit weird and funny. I have found it really fun taking over the teachers’ roles. (Kiran)

 I’ve been working quite hard in the office answering phone calls. (Toby)

 Today has been really fun, working in the office, answering phone calls and printing out photos for Miss Cartlidge’s 30th birthday. (Shruthi)


Well done to all the Year 6 children who participated yesterday. You were fantastic and did brilliant jobs.Children who applied to be Headteacher and Deputy Head will get the opportunity on Monday next week.