Caroline Haslett Primary School

Nil satis nisi optimum. Nothing but the best is good enough

A Year at Caroline Haslett School

We have had an extremely busy and successful year this year.  The children have participated in many exciting activities and we have celebrated some fantastic achievements, including our Ofsted inspection, the Inclusion Award and our brilliant SATs results. See you all when we return on Wednesday 5th September 2018.



On Thursday 12th July Yr 6 took control of the school - Year 6 takeover day is when all children in year six (who have volunteered) get to become a member of staff for a time period of 30 minutes. There are multiple roles and jobs:  Receptionist (this consists of opening the doors and answering phones), teachers ( they must teach the classes from foundation to year 5), Headteacher (which consists of dealing with problems, running assemblies). (Eric)

 Today I got to edit pictures of Miss Cartlidge for her 30th birthday and they are going to be put up around the school. Some of the pictures were a bit weird and funny. I have found it really fun taking over the teachers’ roles. (Kiran)

 I’ve been working quite hard in the office answering phone calls. (Toby)

 Today has been really fun, working in the office, answering phone calls and printing out photos for Miss Cartlidge’s 30th birthday. (Shruthi)


Well done to all the Year 6 children who participated yesterday. You were fantastic and did brilliant jobs.Children who applied to be Headteacher and Deputy Head will get the opportunity on Monday next week.


Sports Day Thursday 5th July

The whole school enjoyed Sports Day yesterday. Miss Hilton did a fantastic job organising it and everyone had a great time.Well done to children, staff and parents for braving the fierce heat! Not something we usually have to contend with.Congratulations to Batey who were the overall winners on the day. Their House Captain, Aditya, is pictured with the winner’s trophy.



Wednesday (27.06) and Thursday ( 28.06) this week saw this year’s KS2 Production of Dragon Days. It was a  fantastic show so well done to the children for all the hours of rehearsals they have put in. As usual, a huge thank you to Mrs Ottaway for producing and directing the show. A brilliant job as always!



Caroline Haslett Primary School is a successful school which has demonstrated consistently high standards for a number of years. It operates in a culture where expectations are high,learning is exciting and children's individuality is valued. It is very inclusive and committed to helping children achieve their full potential.

We opened in 1992 as a combined school for 4 to 12 year olds, and are now a primary school for 4 to 11 year olds serving Shenley Lodge and the eastern part of Shenley Brook End. Accommodation includes the main open-plan building (FS to Y4), a classroom of the future- The Mekon building ( Y5 & Y6 ) and a specialist teaching block (Library, Food Technology and The Faraday Club).

With a roll of 436, we are a two-form entry school with class sizes between 30 and 32. We have a department for 5 children who have EHCPs for the primary need of speech and language. These pupils are fully included in our mainstream classes where they receive additional support inline with their ECHP and Speech therapists targets. The school identifies pupils with SEN early and supports them with timely and evidence based interventions alongside specialist teaching advice and a high level of Teaching Assistant support. 

At the end of Y6 most children transfer to either Denbigh or Shenley Brook End secondary schools, with a small number going to other schools in MK. We have good links with playgroups in the area and there are strong sporting and staff development links with our nearby schools.

We believe that praise and a positive, can-do approach helps all to achieve their best. We operate this within a framework of high and clear expectations, resulting in an ethos where all are valued and achievement is recognised. We offer a broad range of activities within and beyond the school day. The on-site Faraday club provides before and after school care together with holiday play scheme provision.

We value staff expertise and professional development. We are committed to a policy of promotion from within where possible. Each class has an interactive whiteboard, each teacher a MacBook and there is an airport network throughout school, enabling ICT to support the entire curriculum.

There is a well-established and enthusiastic governing body which supports the school strongly. Governors hold regular 'tea parties' with the children to listen to their views about their school.


WHO WAS CAROLINE HASLETT? - Click here to find out more 


Caroline Haslett Primary School works in partnership with the Tommy Flowers SCITT, an outstanding (Ofsted, Dec 17) provider of primary and secondary teacher training in Milton Keynes. As a partnership school, we support Tommy Flowers SCITT trainees to become qualified teachers. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, please follow the link to the Tommy Flowers SCITT website for further details.