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Caroline Haslett School’s Governing Board

 The Governing Board works with the headteacher and the staff at the school to make sure that the school provides a good quality of education for all its pupils. Governors work in partnership with the headteacher to set the strategic direction of the school. Governors are not expected and should not make day to day decisions about how the school is run. That is the role of the Headteacher and senior staff.

 Governors have three main roles:

  • to provide strategic direction for the school;
  • to act as a critical friend to the headteacher; and
  • to ensure accountability.

 Our main role is to promote ongoing improvements in standards throughout the school. We help the Headteacher and staff to plan the school's long-term direction and evaluate progress. We also help to set the aims and values of the school and are responsible for some staff appointments, including the Headteacher.

You may get in touch with the Governing Board via the school office.

Call 01908 231101 or email

We meet formally a minimum of three times a year, i.e. once a term. Meeting dates are usually set well in advance and meetings generally last between two and three hours. Governors are expected to be well-prepared for these meetings and attendance is expected, with apologies only for good reasons.

In addition to the full governing body, there are two additional committees:

  • Resources and Personnel (R&P)
  • Teaching and Learning; Pupils and Parents (TLPP)

 Associate governors have voting rights on the committee on which they sit, but not on the full governing board meetings.