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About us

What do the Friends Committee do?

Our Friends Committee is a small and friendly group of parents that organise a number of social and fundraising events throughout the year in order to raise money for the school. The committee is made up of all kinds of backgrounds; some are stay at home parents while others work full or part-time. We have, however, the same enthusiasm to help our children enhance and enrich their lives at school by organising the fundraising events.

Our Committee

Co-Chair and Social Media: Natasha Rickard

Hello, my name is Tash and I have been helping the lovely Friends of CHPS committee since before my son started at the school. I joined in Oct 2021, took on the role of looking after Social Media and was appointed Co-Chair at our most recent AGM.
I work full time and fit my CHPS commitments in between that, and being a mum taxi for all the various clubs that my son attends.
I hope to see you at our events and welcome any new faces, please say hi at the school gates if you have any questions.

Co-Chair and Uniformd Coordinator: Jennifer Kent

Good day! My name is Jennifer, and I’m a part-time working mama to three boys, the eldest is about to start Year 2 and the other two will follow over the next couple of years. I joined the Friends of CHPS committee last year and, together with Tash, have been elected Co-Chair during the most recent AGM. I have enjoyed being able to help the Friends organise events for the children and families at the school to enjoy and am glad to know it helps the school further enhance our children’s education through our fundraising efforts. We have a team that get on really well and support each other in our efforts. We hope that you enjoy what we achieve, and please reach out if you can help or if you have any questions.

Vice Chair: Kirsty White

Hi, My name is Kirsty and I have one child at Caroline Hasslett who is going into year 2 in September and another one starting foundation in September.
I love being on the FOCHPS committee as I enjoy seeing the fun the kids have at the events we organise and the money it raises for the school. I also love the friendships I have made with the other committee members, we all work really well together and help each other out whenever needed. 

Treasurer: Julia Ahulu (Continuing Role)

Hi, I am Julia, I have been a parent of CHPS since 2016, a member of the Friends Committee since 2018 and I took on the role of Treasurer for the Committee in September 2019.I am a busy working mum of two boys (one leaves 2023 and the second will leave in 2026) so I am usually seen rushing from here to there but I am always happy to chat about Friends Fundraising if you have a question or query.

Secretary: Andrea Tierney (Continuing Role)

Hello, my name is Andrea, I started to help with the Friends when my eldest daughter started school in 2019. After a year I became the Secretary where I take all the notes for the meetings we have. My younger daughter then joined in 2021. I have also organised the Halloween trails, the Movies and Munchies and the tea towel/tote bags!

Ordinary Member: Andrea Fergusson (Continuing Role)

Andrea is our liaison to the school and lets us know what can and cannot be achieved within the purview of the school and helps us schedule our events as well as coordinate with the teachers and further staff to help at these events. Without her and them, we couldn’t put on as many events as we do!

Social Media and Poster Design: Roberta Vasari

Roberta has been our Vice Chair for the last three years, but has stepped down this year to allow someone else to put their stamp on the role. She has supported our Chair, Melanie, during that time and is our expert Poster Designer. Whenever you see one of our colourful posters, she has spent the time to put it together for you. She also coordinates one of our most popular frequent events, the Discos, together with Tash and Elysha.

Other Committee Members

Melanie Stokes: Melanie has been our wonderful Chair for the last three years, before which she was Vice Chair. Without Melanie the team would not be what we are now. She has led our meetings and coordinated many of the larger events like the Summer Fetes and Christmas Fairs. She has two children at Caroline Haslett and will continue to be a contributing member to the committee.

Elysha, Roanne, Sofia: Without the rest of our committee members, we would struggle to hold many of our events. These lovely people help us organise and coordinate, set up and clear up all of our events and fundraising efforts. They bring fresh ideas to the group and often take on complete events themselves.

How can I help?

Friends usually meet every 6 weeks usually on a Wednesday at 7.30pm at the school (sometimes pub) and we would love to see some new faces at our meetings and hear your fabulous ideas of how we could raise more money for the school and the children. 

Any parent, carer, grandparent, aunt, uncle can join the Friends. You can volunteer to be a Committee Member, come along to meetings to share ideas, or just help out at events. We always need new members, and we'd love to meet you.

It’s not all about attending meetings, although everyone is welcome. There are a lot of Friends activities you can help with. From running stalls at events, social media posts, baking, face painting, selling raffle tickets, obtaining raffle prizes etc. Even if you can only help with one event, it benefits the school and we would greatly appreciate it.


If you would like to contact the Friends you can either join us on Facebook or email us directly

Facebook – search Friends of Caroline Haslett Primary School

Email –