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Caroline Haslett School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. It is the expectation that all staff and volunteers share this commitment.

At Caroline Haslett School, the welfare and safeguarding of our pupils is paramount.

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. Caroline Haslett School is committed to:

  • ensuring that all our children and young people are safe and feel safe

  • ensuring that children, parents/carers and staff are able to talk about any safeguarding concerns and feel assured that they will be listened to

  • ensuring that all staff and volunteers are aware of and implement safeguarding procedures and guidance, including what to do if they suspect a child or young person may be experiencing, or be at risk of, harm.

Under the Children Act 1989, the School has a duty to keep all children safe and to protect them from harm.

Sandra Ottaway [Deputy Head] is the Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sadia Farooq is the Designated Safeguarding Governor

Safeguarding Team

Paul Quinton [Headteacher]

Helen Thomson [SENDCO]

Andrea Fergusson [School Business Manager]

Vicky Squires [learning mentor]

Jo Millen [Faraday Club manager]

Francesca Thompson [Assistant Head]

Rob Rutherford [Sports Coach]

Suzie Hilton [Sports Coach]

Any case of suspected abuse will be monitored and will be referred to the Children’s Services Department of Milton Keynes Council.

All child protection issues will be treated by the school as confidential.


As part of our approach to keeping children safe at Caroline Haslett School, we teach the NSPCC PANTS Rules. Abuse happens to children of every gender, every age, every skin colour, every social class and every religion. The perpetrator is often someone the child knows and trusts. The perpetrator can also be a child. 

We can help prevent this happening. Good communication with children is the key. A child is never too young to be taught The PANTS/Underwear Rules because abuse can happen at every age. It’s a highly effective tool to prevent against abuse. These are the important aspects: Your body is your own, Good touch – Bad touch, Good secrets – Bad secrets, Reporting and disclosure.

The NSPCC PANTS acronym really helps us get this vital message across:

Privates are private

Always remember your body belongs to you

No means no

Talk about secrets that upset you

Speak up, someone can help

The NSPCC PANTS Rules can be found here.