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Online safety

Online Safety and Digital Citizenship

Thank you to all parents and family members who attended the Online Safety Family Hack Jam session at school last term. I hope you found it useful. Here are some extra resources that you may use to support your child at home.

Childnet International - Resources includes toolkits, videos, lesson plans, family activities and much more!

Search it up Search It Up is a BAFTA-nominated series of animated shorts designed to help families learn about online safety. Search It Up was created by Azoomee and is supported by the NSPCC, covering topics from cyberbullying to protecting personal information, and much more.

Online Safety Superheroes

At Caroline Haslett, we have four Online Safety Superheroes to remind us how to stay safe online.  These were designed on Safer Internet Day by the Children at Caroline Haslett. There is one character for each of the houses, and they each represent a different area of online safety.  These characters are talked about in every year group from Year 1 to Year 6. We have images of them in the hall, and they are used in Online Safety lessons.

From Hawking, this is Mr. Optetech and he represents the Evaluating Online Content area of Online Safety for us at Caroline Haslett

  • He has a padlock to remind us to check for secure sites.

  • His binoculars will help you find fake websites and emails.

  • He also has a magnifying glass which will help you spot fake news.

  • His sieve helps you separate the good parts of the internet with the bad.


This is Clockwise from Berner’s Lee, and he represents the Using Technology responsibly area of Online Safety for us at Caroline Haslett

  • Firstly, he has a toothbrush. This is because he believes you should treat your password like a toothbrush. Don’t share it with anyone!!

  • He wears sunglasses so that he keeps his identity as private as possible.

  • He is clock-shaped. This reminds us not to stay on our devices too long. 


From Batey, this is Rapturous Reporter, and he represents the Reporting area of Online Safety for us at Caroline Haslett

  • Firstly, he has lazer eyes, this is to spot any appropriate messages.

  • He has a camera to screenshot messages. 

  • He has a vacuum arm to suck up inappropriate content. 

  • He also importantly reminds us that humans can be superheroes too as he is the only human on the four online safety characters. 

Finally, from Goodall, this is Goodall’s Good, and she represents the Being Kind Online area of Online Safety for us at Caroline Haslett

  • Firstly, she has rainbow legs. This is because you should treat everyone equally regardless of their colour, gender, beliefs or cultures. 

  • She has long arms to stretch around the world when using the internet. She can send a hug anywhere. 

  • She also has lots of hearts to share kindness around.


We have Online Safety Representatives for the school. Reece is our CHPS Online Safety Representative. This means he is responsible for listening to children when they have an online safety issue, and he will give them advice. Reece attends Online Safety Group meetings each term with the Online Safety Coordinator, the safeguarding lead and the school governor responsible for Online Safety. Reece reports back on the latest trends, and he raises any online safety issues that may occur in school. 

Each week we publish an ‘Online Safety Byte’ in our newsletter.  

If you have any questions about Online Safety at Caroline Haslett or would like us to cover an online safety topic in our curriculum, please contact Mrs Hart.

If you are a pupil at school and are concerned with anything online, please hit the button below.