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Structure of a Maths Lesson

In maths lessons you will see: 

-Mental/oral starters for daily fluency practice.

-CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) approach to show the structure behind the abstract. Children have access to equipment/draw pictorial images to try out steps alongside the teacher's input and when working independently. Structures and connections within the maths are emphasised in order for children to make appropriate links. 

- Stem sentences used to access learning AND as a tool to explain reasoning. (eg I know it is because…. (stem sentence), I know it is not because it is not…. (Stem sentence)

- A mixture of fluency, reasoning and problem-solving tasks. Maths talk and reasoning are at the core of every lesson. The children know that they need to explain why their answer is correct and how they worked it out.

- Teachers making use of misconceptions (planned and unplanned) to further understanding of concepts (What it is and what it is not).

- Learners being given the opportunity to explore mathematical concepts deeply by approaching them in a range of ways (broadening rather than acceleration) This may include using different types of equipment/pictorial image/method to reach the same answer or using the same concept to approach problems presented in different contexts. 

- Differentiation from the core. A core task will be set for all pupils. The support task will provide additional support in order for children to achieve the learning expected in the core task. Once children have demonstrated competence in the core task they will be set an unfamiliar challenge task where they will need to make links and decide how to apply the core task learning to a new situation. (Occasionally, where the gap is too large, SEN children may need to access different tasks) 

- Making links and spotting patterns. 

- Contexts are used to relate learning to the real life need for maths understanding. 

- Differentiated, high-quality questioning to explore children’s understanding and develop it further.