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Junior Park Rangers

Junior Park Rangers this week (week ending 14th June) led an assembly for the children in Foundation and Key Stage 1. Their theme was water safety. The younger children listened carefully and could answer the quiz questions at the end. The following day, the children in Foundation Stage were telling their teacher all about the facts they'd learnt. Well done Park Rangers!








Friday 3rd May, the Junior Park Rangers delivered assemblies to all the children in school. As well as reporting on the beautiful bluebells that can be seen at Howe Park Wood, they introduced Hedgehog Awareness Week. This runs from 5th - 11th May. Hedgehogs are really struggling and there are only half the numbers of hedgehogs there were twenty years ago.

The reasons that hedgehogs are struggling are because of things like:

• Getting hurt by litter that people have dropped

• Getting run over by cars

• Being poisoned by slug pellets that people use in their gardens

• Not having enough space to live and hibernate in

Hedgehogs are what is called an “Indicator Species” which means that if they are doing well, lots of other animals are doing well too, because they share the same habitat (home), food and environment as other wildlife. If hedgehogs are not surviving very well this means that other creatures aren’t either so there are a few things we can do to help.

We can: • Make sure we pick up our litter

• Leave piles of dried leaves and sticks for hedgehogs and other wildlife to sleep and hibernate in

• Leave out saucers of drinking water, especially if it’s sunny and hot

• Ask everyone not to use slug pellets

In the Spring Term, we ran an artwork competition asking you to create a piece of artwork that showed the wildlife in the parks in Milton Keynes during the winter. We were incredibly impressed with all of your amazing entries. All of the entries are being exhibited in the concourse for the next few weeks.

Congratulations to our winners:

Elisa in Aston class


George in Edison class


Angel in Hauksbee class




Last week we led an assembly all about National Tree week. Look out for an exciting competition open to all children in the school!